Tahoe - Smart Toilet - Full Function

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Tahoe Models:
Smart Toilet - Simple
Smart Toilet - Simple Plus
Smart Toilet - Full Function

The wonders of technology can be available to you even in your commode with our multifunction smart toilet and bidet. Our smart toilet is designed to enhance your comfort and convenience through every step of the experience while sporting a modern and sleek tankless design to seamlessly fit your decor. From built-in bidets to seat warmers and auto-flushing, our toilet can do it all. The higher grade models can even provide remote control, drying, and self-cleaning. Take your bathroom to the next level today!

Please see below for a list of all features:


Simple Features: An improved basic experience

  • Bidet with rear and front self-cleaning nozzles for full cleansing abilities
  • Automatically detects when someone is seated to activate features
  • Seat warmer with adjustable temperature control for the seat
  • Soft-closing seat with dampers
  • Hands-free low volume flush when you get up along with standard manual flush
  • Pre-spraying bowl before use to help prevent stains
  • Both manual high volume or water-saving low volume flush
  • Designed to save energy
  • Easily turn all advanced features on or off with the power button
  • Can use a standard 9-volt battery as backup power during emergencies and outages


Simple Plus Features: A fine middle ground

  • All the features of the Simple version
  • Includes a special remote to choose high or low volume flush without having to touch the toilet


Full Function Features: For the next level in comfort and convenience 

  • All features of Simple and Simple Plus versions
  • Adjustable front and rear nozzles for bidet for adjusting positioning
  • Adjustable water pressure for bidet when you need stronger or gentler cleaning
  • Adjustable water temperature for bidet
  • Air dryer to save on paper after cleansing with adjustable temperature and nossle positioning
  • Deodorizer for removing odors after use
  • UV sterilization of bidet nozzles when toilet is not in use
  • Automatically open and close lid and seat using foot sensor
  • Built in night light to guide you in the dark
  • More advanced remote control to allow positioning and adjustment of all features




1 Year Limited Distributors Warranty