Jan 21st 2019

Top 5 Things To Consider In Choosing A Bathroom Vanity

1. Size

Vanities come in many styles and colors. Generally Bathroom vanities size is the first thing to look at and that is determined by your bathroom space.. The most popular sizes are 24”,36”,48”,60”,72”, but can come in many other sizes also. The height of Vanities tends to be between 33”-35” Range. This height is important for people who might be either shorter or taller than average. The depth of most Vanities is from 17” to 24” deep. The most common depth tends to be 22”. This is very important based on your bathroom space and giving ample room for the doors and drawer space to be opened fully or allowing for other obstructions.

2. Counter Tops And Sinks

Counter top can come with single or double sink. Double sink can be helpful in bathrooms that multiple people might use in the morning. Holes in the counter top for your faucets are important. Most countertops come with one whole predrilled, thus allowing you to drill extra holes for faucets requiring 3 holes. If you are using wall mount sink you want to make sure no holes are on the countertop. Sinks shape are more a taste issue. They can come in variety of shapes (round, square, oval,etc..) How ever the type of sink can determine your faucet. Vessel sink require a larger faucet. Where integrated sink , under mount sink or drop sink are more matter of taste.

3. Storage

Vanities can have variety of drawer or cabinets which affects the look and what you can store. This is very important in your organization of your bathroom and can determine what style of vanity you might chose.

4. Finishes and materials

The finishes of cabinets are more matter of taste. They can be made in many different material (wood, mdf,metal) . The most important consideration is the durability of the material. MDF tends to be cheaper in price but does not last long. Wood cabinets can vary based on what type of wood. They can also effect the prices of the cabinets.

5. Styles

This is a factor that varies based on your taste. Most people choose a style that might work for there house for many years and is not a short term trend.