LED Mirror Styles and Benefits

Posted by 90210 Kitchen & Bath on Aug 9th 2021

LED Mirror Styles and Benefits

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom or just giving it a simple makeover, small changes can go a long way. Something as simple as a mirror can significantly improve your bathroom’s environment. It can give an illusion of space, making your bathroom look bigger and more spacious. Additionally, it can also create a peaceful and dramatic vibe in the bathroom. Depending on the mirror style and lighting you choose, your bathroom can be taken to another level.

If you want to find out what mirror styles you should go for, you’re at the right place. We will be discussing the different LED mirror styles you can buy as well as the benefits of using LED mirrors in your home.

LED Mirror Styles

LED mirrors are in fashion nowadays, as they enhance the look of the washroom as well as provide convenience when using the mirrors. The elegant glow of LED light creates an amazing atmosphere and gives a luxurious or expensive touch to the room. These lights are perfect for use as they are not harsh on the eyes.

Here are some of the LED mirror styles which are in trend nowadays:

1.Backlit LED Mirrors

These mirrors, available in circular, rectangle, or square shapes, have the LED lights at the back of their frame. The light adds an ambiance to the room and is also power-efficient as it doesn’t consume much electricity.

2.Dimmable LED Mirrors

These mirrors give you the ease of adjusting the LED’s brightness according to your need. Some of these mirrors also come with different light modes, so you can set the light to a warmer tone or colder one.

3.Front-lit LED Mirrors

Unlike the backlit mirrors, these mirrors have LED on the front of the mirror, at either the top side, all sides, or just two of them. Depending on how much light you want and where you place the mirror, you can choose from the multiple options. These mirrors are also available in different shapes, which can be used in bathrooms of all sizes.

Benefits of a good bathroom mirror

Now that you know what options you can buy, let's discuss how a good choice of a mirror can affect your bathroom.

1.Enhance your room

As mentioned before, mirrors can give an illusion of a bigger space and make the room look more sizable. In addition to this, the LED lights create a deluxe ambiance that can make your bathroom feel expensive. You can find an LED mirror in all sizes and choose one that goes well along with your sink and wall style.

2.User Friendly design

The LED mirrors are not just helpful for applying makeup but also shaving or making hairstyles. Your face is illuminated evenly, making it easier to work without worrying about getting a shadow on your face. It is easy to use since the user just has to swipe the hand over a sensor or push a button to turn the light on or off.

3.Cost friendly

You don’t have to spend a lot to renew your bathroom. Just installing an LED mirror can give it a completely new look and feel. Moreover, the LEDs are a great alternative to common light bulbs as they use less power and last longer. Hence, you don’t even have to worry about getting a higher electricity bill.

4.New features

Some LED mirrors come with defogging ability, a digital clock, or different light tones. Many mirrors also have motion sensors instead of the conventional button to turn the light on or off. However, these mirrors might cost more. Nevertheless, there are many choices for people having a different budget.

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